Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Opening "Night"!!!

"See Change" hits Edinburgh!  While I didn't take pics of the actual performance (which was WONDERFUL), here are a few shots before and after...
Venue 137, The Church Hill Theatre

Before the show starts...an empty stage and a pile of shirts.

Salyna is ready at the keyboard.

Connor is ready at Salyna's shoulder to take over the keyboard.

Jimmy emerges from backstage after the show.

Patrick points out his aching feet to LA Dance alum Izzy (who stated that "See Change" was just as good...if not better...than a "pro" modern dance piece she just saw at The Fringe!).

Jasmine, Sara, and Salyna help strike all the performance pieces.

Gib and Holly wait for the bus back to the dorm after the performance.

A bunch of candid shots of the kids after the show:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Busking on The Royal Mile!

To try and drum up business for their Fringe show, the LA Dancers performed on the cobblestone street of Edinburgh's Royal Mile this Saturday afternoon.

For some perspective, this is part of The Royal Mile (looking out from our apartment window...talk to us in a few days about whether this rental was a fun decision or one of the worst we've ever made!)

There are stages scattered about, but many acts simply do their "busking," as it's called, right on the cobbles.  Here are a few action shots of the Lawrence Academy Dancers!

Jonny Mangini hands out the bookmark styled info about the performance to passersby

Jimmy is glad to be back in Edinburgh

Joe Casper added some great rhythms to the busking performance

Holly Moniz is delighted with the busking and the fun crowds

Jasmine Reed greets Fringe passersby with a smile

Jane MeLampy is hard at work talking up the show

Gabriella DiVincenzo does her best to get folks to the show!
"Wait!  You can use it as a bookmark, too!"

Brian, Jazz, Kalyn and Joel give quick smiles

Adam, Joel and Dina look on...
Connor and Holly

Jimmy thinks the busking went well...

Salyna is happy with her performance (she added in some live vocals!)

Hope to have more shots in the days to come!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A few shots from the LAST time LA Dance was at The Edinburgh Fringe (2009).
"Busking" in the street...the LA Dancers try to drum up interest so folks will attend their performances.

Izzy Lawrence ('10) and Stephanie Saywell ('10) greet Jimmy Lawrence ('13) after their Busking.  Who knew that in the Summer of 2013 Jimmy would be going back to The Fringe, but THIS time to dance himself for LA?
After one of their performances, a group photo of the LA Dancers at The Fringe back in 2009 (with Dina, Adam, and Brian)